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Yes, the last season's crops failed disastrously, and yes, it was decided that a sacrifice was needed to appease the gods. But they turn up all over the place after that. If there is a dark shadow over it, that shadow is Howie: The island puts women as its beating heart and admires society working together, and with nature. I can categorically affirm that Lorraine Peters was the body-double - and if you are interested in comparing body-types, she is also the naked woman weeping on the grave, and credited as such.

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Cathedral defends screening The Wicker Man

Seriously, I can't even describe this scene: If any film makers feel particularly strongly about abuse of copyright on the site, they obviously haven't got anything better to do. I wonder why. And then they die, and are apparently ejaculated upon by serpents, which doesn't sound so great. Are they singing about gang-raping the landlord's daughter? Howie decides he has no choice but to find Rowan Morrison himself, and begins conducting a house-by-house search as the town's May Day festival is getting underway. We don't know that that's what's happened.

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