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Attempt to reach each and every brother on the streets If not peace then at least let's get a piece I'm tired of seeing bodies on the streets- deceased Lookin' through my highschool yearbook Reminiscin' of the tears as the years took One homie, two homie, three homies - POOF We used to have troops but now there's no more youth to shoot God come save the misbegotten Lost ghetto souls of Black Cotton In God's eyes Chorus: Intro Yeah nigga Yo Pac That's right Yo, I heard you got beat up by the police Got a big fat lawsuit and everything yeah Niggaz just wanna know if your still gonna be on some crooked ass nigga shit 2pac Verse 1 Please tell me what's a nigga to do and it's true Ain't nuttin' new so I do what I can to get through Now first they had me trapped and now I'm pissed A loaded AK47 layin on my hips so don't trip One motherfucker from the underground And Big Stretch buckin' niggaz if they fuck around Yo, why ya'll got beef with police? This was one of the songs that a youth in Texas blamed for his shooting of a state trooper, as outro of the song, Tupac questions the authority for not dealing with these issues and he curses out the CIAthe FBIand then president George H. I had to Why'd you sland crack? Intro x5 Maybe its the thug in me verse 1 Ever since I was a young scrub I was a thug on the corner with my niggaz slangin drugs Im runnin from the narcs when they pass by dont ask why Im a hustler till my ass die Even if I do come up I be ready when they run up, huh Ill be a nut to put my gun up, huh I never trust these hoes at all, fucking with them tramp ass sluts who suppose to fall since she played you for you money but the shit was cool Guess its true niggaz be bitches 2 you cant see how she worked you, all up in her skirt now you looking like a jerk, cause she hurt you now heads up dont be a playa hater Just peep game keep your mind on your money watch the bitch change see hoes love thugs, and thugs love loot hand it over motherfucker fore I shoot Who do u love chorus x2 Maybe its the thug in me Maybe its the thug in me Tell me who do you love? Retrieved from " https: Ain't that a bitch them motherfuckers gotta beef with me They make it hard for me to sleep I wake up at the slightest peep and my sheets are 3 feet deep I guess it's hard for you to see But now I'm pointin the finger at police instead of motherfuckers blamin' me I got the right to bear a pistol And when them punk motherfuckers get to trippin' I got shit too And maybe then you'll see the truth But until then I gotta do what I do and stay a crooked nigga too Chorus It's all up to you But until then I gotta do what I do and stay a crooked nigga too And maybe then you'll see the truth awwwwww But until then I gotta do what I do and stay a crooked nigga too It's all up to you But until then I gotta do what I do and stay a crooked nigga too And maybe then you'll see the truth awwwwww Oooh!

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Mobbin' like a motherfucker stuck Can you put your middle finger out the window gettin' fucked off - liquor Get loaded can't control it Nigga pass me the blunt and let me roll it You get the bones act to the whole stack Thats fo sho black To be a mack and keep your dough fat And tell me what does it take to be a G?

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Views Read Edit View history. City of Lies. It's that famous shit, you know? Resurrection Tupac: I ain't got time for this man I'm out [Chorus] You should stop for awhile you will find me standing there Don't you trust me?

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